Halkoniemen sauna

  • Address: Ojanteentie 16, Nokia
  • Sauna type: Mixed-gender (with swimwear)
  • Heater type: Electric
  • Sauna fee: Adults €5, children 2€. Annual memberships are available, but the waiting list is about a year. Note that the sauna fee must be paid in cash and in exact change.
  • Drinks policy: You can bring your own drinks. Bring your own drinking water, too.
  • Things to note: In winter, the sauna is open on six days a week (closed on Mondays) and in summer on three days a week.
  • Website: https://www.nokiantalviuimarit.net/ has up-to-date information on opening hours and prices in Finnish.

After focusing on saunas in Tampere, it was high time to make an excursion a little further, to the neighbouring municipality of Nokia. Although Nokia isn’t that far from Tampere, the public transport between them leaves much to be desired. There are only few buses from Tampere to the sauna. As is often the case with public saunas, driving is the way to go here, too. There’s no need to worry about parking space – there’s lots of it next to the sauna.

Halkoniemi has two saunas, an ordinary one and a traditional smoke sauna, but the latter is sadly only available to the members of Nokia winter swimming association and their guests. As we had no acquaintances in the association, it was just the ordinary sauna for us.

Although there’s space for about 20 people in the sauna, the building isn’t huge and the changing and shower rooms were quite small. For the number of visitors the sauna gets, they seemed to be adequate. The sauna is clearly popular, but it wasn’t crowded during our visit. The sauna provided a nice löyly despite its electric heater.

Great views of Lake Pyhäjärvi. Somewhere there on the opposite shore, is another sauna I’ll hopefully get to visit later on.

As could be expected, most visitors were members of the winter swimming association that runs the sauna. As an outsider in these kinds of places, it sometimes feels a bit like intruding into an inner circle. The regulars usually know each other and have things in common to talk about. All visitors were friendly and considerate, though.

Winter swimming at Halkoniemi is excellent. The location is beautiful and quiet, and there’s a heated walkway all the way from the sauna to the stairs into the lake.

Halkoniemi is worth visiting if you find yourself in Nokia, as the price of a single visit is low and it’s a good sauna overall. However, there are equally good saunas closer to Tampere.

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